Xosé Salgado

Digital Landscapes

Visual artist and graphic designer with more than 30 years of experience in these areas.
Born in Santiago de Compostela, he lives and works in A Coruña.
This site is dedicated to showing one of his most special projects, "Digital Landscapes".
His compositions are created by recycling low-resolution images with code in the "Processing" environment.
All work shown on this site can be sold on-request in a high-quality print.
For any question or interests, you can use the link below.

«Encheremos as velas
c'a luz náufraga da madrugada»

- Manuel Antonio / Intencións / De catro a catro -


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Xosé Salgado

Avda. Pasaxe, 32
15009 A Coruña
Galicia - Spain

E: xosesalgado@mundo-r.com
P: (+34) 698 128 244